Internal XC variables.

Related internal commands: setvar, toggle, varlist

Directory Size Auto Scan

as_delay - Delay between directory scan
as_enabled - Enable/disable directory size autoscan

XC Console (~)

con_screensaver - Enable/disable screen saver in XC Console

Find File (Alt+F7)

ff_limit - Found files limit (-1 = no limit; 0 = default limit)


files_playlists - Playlist file types opened internally by XC

File Manager

fm_delete - Enable/disable Delete function
fm_opencdaudio - Open CD audio files internally (.cda)
fm_openjar - Open Java Jar files internally (.jar)
fm_openplaylist - Open playlist files internally (see files_playlists)

Hint Line (line above command line)

hl_enabled - Show/hide hint line


kb_backspaceupdir - Backspace = go to parent directory
kb_escuserscreen - Esc = show user screen (output)
kb_fppmode - Enable/disable FPP mode


lang_translator - En4b|_e/d|s4b|_e +r4n5l4t0r


p_dirbar - Show/hide directory bar (line with drive letters)
p_dragdrop - Enable/disable drag & drop between panels
p_hints - Enable/disable hints under mouse
p_lines - Show/hide lines
p_scrollbar - Show/hide scroll bars
p_scrollinfo - Enable/disable info scrolling
p_sortbar - Show/hide columns header
p_title - Show/hide title
p_www - Click on http://xcproject... to launch a WWW browser with home page

Quick View (Ctrl+Q)

qv_delay - Quick view delay

Sound FX

sfx_visiblebeep - Enable/disable screen flashing

User Interface

ui_clickershortcuts, ui_formshortcuts, ui_menushortcuts - Show keyboard shortcuts
ui_fastclose - Click outside a window to close it
ui_hints - Enable/disable hints under mouse cursor globally
ui_lines - Show more vertical and horizontal lines
ui_shadow - Window and menu shadows
ui_transparentdnd - Dragged window is transparent
ui_warnings - Show more warnings (red colors, etc.)


love - Do you really love this application?

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