A list of all keyboard shortcuts.

F2Go menu
F9, Alt+FMain menu
F9+F9Main menu history
F10, Alt+F4Quit
F12, Alt+PPreferences (screen saver settings, Java settings, etc.)
EscClear command line; show user screen (output)
Alt+F7Find file
Alt+F12Change language
Shift+F12Change theme (colors)
Alt+JLocate file or directory
Alt+MSend e-mail
Alt+RRun a DOS command (e.g. dir)
Alt+SSystem info
Alt+UOpen an URL (WWW page, document, directory, etc.)
Ctrl+GGoogle search
Ctrl+O, EscUser screen (output)
Alt+DGo to the Desktop directory (use Preferences to change directory path)
Alt+HomeGo to the Home directory
Alt+QGo to the Quick Launch directory
Ctrl+DGo to the Documents directory
Ctrl+MGo to the Multimedia directory
Ctrl+PGo to the Program Files directory
Ctrl+\, Ctrl+/Go to the root directory (usually C:\)
Backspace, Ctrl+Page UpGo to parent directory
Ctrl+Page DownEnter to the selected directory
Ctrl+BackspaceGo to parent directory, then go to next directory in the panel list
Alt+Left/RightGo to previous/next directory in history
Alt+CGo to Computer panel (active panel)
Alt+F1Go to Computer panel (left panel)
Alt+F2Go to Computer panel (right panel)
Alt+F10Open directory tree in active panel
Ctrl+Left/RightGo to the previous/next drive letter (hold down Ctrl key and use Left/Right keys to select a drive; release Ctrl key to go to the selected drive; any other key will cancel action)
Ctrl+H, Alt+BackspaceDirectories history
Alt+F8Commands history (selected command is executed)
Alt+Up/DownCommands history (selected command is copied to the command line)
Alt+Page DownF3 View history [NOTE: To clear history, go to Menu|Tools|Clear XC history...]
Alt+Page UpF4 Edit history
~(`)Open XC console
Alt+XLaunch file system browser (usually Explorer)
Ctrl+XLaunch XC
Shift+F9Launch DOS command line
EnterChange directory; execute external command or internal command; open file, etc.
Shift+EnterOpen tree panel for selected directory
TabChange active panel
Shift+TabSynchronize panel directories
[Shift+]Left/RightShow/hide file info (size, time, attributes)
F11, Ctrl+Up/DownResize panels
"Menu", Middle buttonContext menu
Alt+K, Alt+VPanel options
Alt+OSmart panels
Alt+ZChange file/disk color (F3 restores default color)
Insert, SpaceSelect/unselect file or directory
Ctrl+A, Ctrl++Select all (files and directories)
Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+-Unselect all (files and directories)
+Select files (* or *.* - all files)
-Unselect files
/Select all files (invert)
*Select all files and directories (invert)
Alt++Select group (e.g. directories, *.txt, etc.)
Alt+-Unselect group
Alt+.(dot)Go to the next selected file/directory
Alt+,(comma)Go to the previous selected file/directory
Ctrl+F, Ctrl+F12Change file filter; hide/show hidden files
Ctrl+L, F3Get directory/disk size info
Ctrl+RRefresh panel content
Ctrl+SSearch for file name in active panel (you can use wildcard characters: * and ?)
Ctrl+USwap panels
Ctrl+EnterCopy name to the command line
Ctrl+VPaste to command line
Ctrl+InsertCopy name to clipboard
Panel: Objects
F3View file
F4Edit file
F6Move/change name
F7Create a new directory (folder)
F8, DeleteDelete selected files and directories
Alt+EChange file/directory attributes, date, or time
Alt+HShow/hide hidden files
Alt+IDetailed file/directory info, CRC-32 calculation
Ctrl+CCompare panels by file names (identical names are selected)
Ctrl+IOpen HTML index file from current directory (index.htm*, default.htm*)
Ctrl+QToggle quick view (MP3 tags, directory content, etc.)
Ctrl+F9Print file in a default external application
Shift+F4Create a new, empty file
Shift+F5Split file
Alt+F6, Shift+F6Change name
Alt+F5, Shift+F1Pack file (e.g. using built-in Zip)
Alt+F9, Shift+F2Unpack file (e.g. using built-in Unzip)
Ctrl+BToggle panel bookmark
Alt+GModify panel bookmarks
Alt+NGo to the next bookmark in current panel
Alt+InsertAdd/edit file/directory description (descript.ion file) (empty comment removes a description)
Ctrl+KToggle descriptions
Panel: Sorting
Alt+BSort method
Ctrl+F3Sort by name [NOTE: Press Ctrl+Fn twice to change sort direction]
Ctrl+F4Sort by extension
Ctrl+F5Sort by date/time
Ctrl+F6Sort by size
Ctrl+F8Sort by color. Files with identical colors are grouped (see: Alt+Z).
Panel: Computer (Alt+C)
F3 #1Scan disk for errors
F3 #2, InsertCreate a new item
F4Edit item
F5Copy all files from selected disk
F6Disk/item color
F7Find file on selected disk
F8Format floppy
Alt+F6Change disk label
Ctrl+F3Defragment selected disk
Ctrl+F4Launch anti-virus (external application)
InsertInsert CD
DeleteEject CD
+Map network drive
-Disconnect network drive
Panel: Find File (Alt+F7)
EnterShow file in passive panel
Shift+EnterShow file in active panel
F7Show Find file dialog
Ctrl+RSearch again without prompt
Panel: Playlist
EnterPlay selected file
Shift+EnterShow local file in passive panel
Viewer (F3)
F2, WToggle lines wrap
F3, QClose Viewer
F4Edit file
F5, GGo to line number
F6, FToggle filter
F9, MMenu with options
H, Alt+F2Toggle syntax highlight
LToggle links detection/open
N, Alt+RightOpen next file in the panel
P, Alt+LeftOpen previous file in the panel
RToggle line numbers
Ctrl+H, Alt+Page Down History
Ctrl+F, F7Find text
Ctrl+L, Shift+F7Find next text
Ctrl+RReload file
Right buttonCopy line to clipboard
Backspace, Page UpPrevious page
Space, Page DownNext page
+Increase Tab size
-Decrease Tab size
XC Console (~)
F2Change console color
F6Change console name
F8, Up/DownCopy last command to command line
F10, ~Quit
Ctrl+Page UpGo to the parent directory (cd ..)
Alt+Backspace, Ctrl+HDirectories history
Alt+Down/Up, Alt+F8Commands history
Alt+Left/RightPrevious/next virtual console
Alt+F1..F4Switch to virtual console 1..4
Alt+XLaunch Explorer
Ctrl+XLaunch XC
Esc, Ctrl+UClear command line
Ctrl+VPaste from clipboard
Copy (F5)
F5Copy files to floppy (A:\)
Find file (Alt+F7)
F7Find temporary files (see: Preferences|Files)
Info (Alt+I)
F4Calculate CRC32 of the current file
F5Copy all info to clipboard
Alt+Left/RightGo to the previous/next file/directory in the current panel
Ctrl+RRefresh info
CD Player
Alt+F11CD player menu
Ctrl+F11CD player main window
DeleteEject CD
Up/DownVolume up/down [DOS only]
Home/EndGo to first/last track
Left/RightPrevious/next 10 seconds
Z, Page DownPrevious track
B, Page UpNext track
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+InsertCopy selected character to clipboard
Help Window (F1)
F3, Ctrl+L, Shift+F7Find next text
F7, Ctrl+FFind text
F2New game
System Info (Alt+S)
F2Environment variables (set)
F3XC info
F5, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+InsertCopy to clipboard (subwindows)
Advanced Filter (Alt+Delete)
EnterShow/hide selected file types
F8Clear filter (show all files)
InsertSelect files with the selected filter
DeleteUnselect files with the selected filter
EnterGo to variables group/edit value
SpaceToggle Boolean value (0 - disabled; 1 - enabled)
F3Set default value
F7, Ctrl+FFind text
Shift+F7, Ctrl+LFind next text
Input Line
Delete, Ctrl+DeleteDelete selected text
Ctrl+X, Shift+DeleteCut selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+InsertCopy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+V, Shift+InsertPaste text from clipboard
Ctrl+ASelect all text
Ctrl+UDelete all text
Ctrl+Z, F3Set default text (a simple undo)
Ctrl+Page UpConvert all text to upper case
Ctrl+Page DownConvert all text to lower case
Ctrl+B, Ctrl+PASCII table
Alt+H, Alt+Up/DownHistory
InsertToggle overwrite mode
Message Box
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert, Right buttonCopy text to clipboard
History Window
DeleteDelete selected item
F8Delete all items
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+InsertCopy selected line to clipboard
Windows Shortcuts
Alt+EnterToggle full screen
FPP mode (see Vars and kb_fppmode)
W= Up arrow
S= Down arrow
AActivate left panel
DActivate right panel
E= Enter
Space= Backspace
R= Ctrl+R
I= F9
O= F1

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