1. Extract to a new directory (e.g. C:\XCSRC)
  2. Copy system directory to C:\XCSRC; system directory can be found in the XC install directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\XC 3), or in the xc-dos/ package
  3. In IDE: run with --xc-root="C:\XCSRC" argument.
  4. Visit home page, and download required tools such as zip/unzip.dll, NSIS or FPC


makeBuild all (see Makefile options below)
make incCreate and *.bla files from the *.lan files
make langideCreate a Language Translator IDE (langide.exe) (EXPERIMENTAL)
make setupCreate installer
make versionUpdate XC version info (see Makefile file for details)

Makefile options

Syntax: make -DOPTION1 -DOPTIONn target

NO_DOSWithout tpc.exe and tpx.exe (no dos version)
NO_SETUPDon't create xcsetup.exe
NO_UPXWithout upx.exe (no .exe compression)
COMPILER_FPCUse ppc386.exe (Free Pascal) - default
GLOpenGL version (OBSOLETE)
COMPILER_DELPHIUse dcc32.exe (Delphi) (OBSOLETE)
COMPILER_VPCUse vpc.exe (Virtual Pascal) (OBSOLETE)
NTOption for NT-based systems (OBSOLETE)


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