XC is a free, user friendly file manager.

There are two versions of the XC:
1. 32-bit version for Windows 9x/Me/XP
2. 16-bit version for DOS
3. Linux version is still under construction...

Main features

- All file functions: copy/move, delete, rename, split, etc
- Built-in Zip and Unzip
- Quick view (mp3, wav, avi, mpeg, etc)
- File viewer with syntax highlighting
- Command line (shell commands, dos commands, built-in commands)
- Console (command.com/cmd.exe replacement)
- CD player
- Autocomplete and history
- Themes (skins)
- Sound effects (SFX)
- Multiple language support
- Clipboard support
- Full source files (GPL)
- Alarm
- Detailed file info
- File comments and colors

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